Awesome DIY Craft Ideas for Kids to keep boredom At bay

Are looking for avenues to keep your child productive during the upcoming school holiday?


Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.


School Holidays are a great time to keep your kids engaged in DIY Art & Crafts and keep their boredom at bay. Therefore, our team at Dollars And Sense have come up with 5 DIY options that take very little time yet are highly creative.


Read on!

1.Wall Hanging:

 Wall Hanging Canvas

Featuring designs like Mandala, Butterfly, Succulent and Ocean, Montmarte’s Pre-printed Colouring  Canvas will help your child to channel their inner creativity. Plus, exploring and experimenting with various colour schemes will enable them to learn and grow. All you have to do is to fill the unique ready to paint designs using Watercolours/Acrylics/Oil Pastels/Markers. Once completed, flaunt the masterpiece on a wall and revamp your home decor with your child’s artwork.


2.Paper Butterflies:

 Glitter Markers

Paper butterflies are not only elegant, but they're also a lot of fun to create. For kids, Paper Butterflies make a simple yet creative DIY craft. Glitter Sheets, Markers, Thread, and Scissors are all you'll need to get started!


Step 1: Draw a Butterfly with a Marker on the Glitter Sheet.


Step 2: Cut out the shape with a Scissor.


Step 3: Punch a hole and tie a thread.



Once done, hang them from the ceiling or offer them as gifts to friends and family.


3.Cake Topper:

 Cake Topper

Baked a cake on school holidays? Let your child add a personalised touch to the cake with DIY Cake Toppers made exclusively from Paper Straws. Wondering how? Here’s an IDEA! Take a chunk of Candy Floss and fixate it on the top of the Paper Straw. Next, secure the DIY Cake Topper on the cake and you’re all set.


  1. Gift Baskets:

  Cellophane Bags

Cookies, Candies and Cupcakes are usually wrapped in Cellophane Wrappers or in a Gift Basket. Instead of purchasing them from the store, make your own DIY Gift Basket made out of Cellophane Bags and Curling Ribbons to make your gifts extra special.


Step 1: Take a Cellophane Bag and put cookies/cupcakes/ candies/ handmade gifts inside it.


Step 2: Bring the sides of the Cellophane Bag in one place and secure it with a Curling Ribbon.


5.Paper Lanterns:

 Paper Roll

DIY Paper lanterns and lamps are a stylish and elegant addition to any house or party. Get your kids involved and have a fun time making Paper Lanterns together!


Step 1: Take a Paper Roll and cut off a paper with 9" by 12" measurements.


Step 2: Fold the sheet of paper lengthwise in half.


Step 3: Draw a line across the length of the folded paper leaving ½" from the open edge.


Step 4: Along this line, make marks at an interval of  ½" and start drawing lines straight to the folded edge.


Step 5: From the folded edge to the original marked line, cut on these lines. Remember that both layers of paper should be cut through. Next, open the paper completely flat.



Step 6: With the cut strips running vertically, form a cylindrical shape by bringing the edges together.


Step 7:  Using tape or staples, secure a handle to one end of the lantern.


Voila! Now, your DIY Paper Lantern is ready to be hanged.


Hurry Up!


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