Keep Warm With Affordable Winter Supplies

Australia may not have the coldest Winters, but each year as June rolls around we all rug up to avoid the chill. 

We start bringing out the electric blankets, wool socks and space heaters to stay warm and comfortable. However, all this extra gear can start adding up and be more expensive than expected. 

This winter you can stay warm and still save money at Dollars and Sense!


Blankets & Throws

When it comes to warmth and cosiness, nothing beats a nice blanket or throw. However, if you’ve been using the same old, itchy winter blanket for years, it might be time to upgrade. 

Our range of blankets come in different styles so they can still match your decor while keeping you comfortable. Whether you want some floral designs, glow in the dark patterns, or plain colours, we have lots of options to explore online and in store. 

With a little window insulation and some nice blankets and throws you can eliminate the need for an electric heater. This way you can stay energy efficient, without having to spend more on your electricity bill. 


Winter Clothes

Your base layer of clothes is super important to keep you warm during the winter months. Warm socks go a long way to keeping the chill away, especially if you have cold tiles in your home. 

We have different styles of sherpa socks, for both men and women. Different colours, sizes and linings can be found in our catalogue, all for super cheap and affordable prices.

If you’re looking for something that is as warm as a blanket but still gives you the mobility of a jumper, then our snuggy huggy’s are an amazing option for you. Relax at home, and know that you’ll stay warm no matter where you go in your house. 

We also have options for the kids, so they can keep cosy in style. The glow in the dark pattern is sure to delight them, and can also act as a night light during bed time. 

Pair one of these snuggy huggy’s with winter socks, and you have a combo that will keep you ultra warm all winter long. 


Don’t Forget Your Furry Friends

As winter comes, our furry family members feel the cold too, especially if they are spending time outside. 

Some cold weather gear can be a huge game changer for your pets. A raincoat for your daily walks can keep your dogs a little more dry and warm. A new sweater or jumper can also keep your cats and dogs warm during the night.

A bed with fleece lining can help keep them comfortable as the temperature dips, as well as a self warming mat. This bedding can help keep the warm air close to your pet for a long time.

You can explore the range of winter pet gear and bedding online or in store. Our huge range of different styles and sizes means we have something for every pet, big or small. 


Bonfires & Cosy Nights

Winter is the perfect time to have a bonfire and BBQ with your friends and family and enjoy some laughter and food around the warmth of the fire. 

Our magic fire dust can turn your regular bonfire night into a magical display for your kids, transforming your flames into a rainbow of different colours. This is a truly special and unique way to improve the atmosphere around your BBQ.

You can sit by the fire and enjoy the different colours come to life whilst sipping on a hot chocolate with marshmallows; luxuriate in our beautiful Australian outdoors whilst breathing in the fresh air. 

If you’re looking at also having a BBQ, we have plenty of foil cookware, and other BBQ supplies to help the night go smoothly. 


Visit Us Online & In Store

These are just a few of the wonderful and affordable winter supplies that we have in stock both online and instore at the moment. 

To browse our entire range, you can jump online, or find us at your nearest in person store. Our staff are always excited to talk to customers and supply you with any recommendations you might need. 

We hope you are staying safe and warm, and we look forward to seeing you soon!