Mont Marte Signature Sketching Set

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The Mont Marte 13 piece Sketch Set is a great set that provides all the sketching basics for the student artist.åÊ

The set contains:

  • 4 Graphite pencils - 4 different grades to create a variety of shades of grey.åÊ Superb for detailed drawings.
  • 4 Hard Pastels - Excellent for loose expressive life drawing.åÊCan be sharpened with the sandpaper for small details or used on the side for broad areas
  • 1 Eraser - Erases graphite cleanly and can be used to reveal highlights in pastel sketches
  • 1 Sharpener - Brings all your sketching pencils to a sharp point.
  • 1 Sandpaper Block - Can be used to quickly bring back the point of your graphite pencils with a few small strokes on the sandpaper.åÊ Also great to produce a point on hard pastels for details.
  • 1 Blending Stump - Made of soft paper and is used to blend large areas of pastel.
  • 1 Tortillion - Made of spiral wound paper and is used to blend small areas of pastel and to add small details.

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Mont Marte Signature Sketching Set

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